About Me

Osman Kırmızı

I am a food production expert. My name is Osman Kirmizi. I have graduated from Chemical Engineering faculty. I have 35 years of experience in food sector. I had worked in ETI biscuit and cake factory for 23 years(Quality and R&D Manager), and then I worked as Quality and R&D manager in ŞÖLEN chocolate and biscuit factory.. For last 11years I have been working as a freelance consultant in domestic and abroad biscuit, cake, cracker, wafer and other food plants.

My expertises are ;

- New product development and formation of recipes 

- Biscuit, cake, cracker, cookies, wafer, chocolate and fruit sauces, compound chocolate and jelly production

- Investment consultancy

    Factory design

    Arrangement of machinery manufacturer

    Arrangement of raw material supplier

- Process optimization and cost reduction in recipes

- R&D laboratory design and installation of quality assurance systems

- Process education and personal training

Food Process and R&D Consultant

Biscuit, Cake, Cracker, Cocoa & Confectionery Products


Chemical Engineer